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Just did the update for 2nd generation Apple TV (1/31/13) and now my 2nd generation iPod Touch with its Remote app is not connecting to the Apple TV. Because the iPod is a 2nd generation, the lastest updates available for the app are not compatible with iOS 4.2 (highest operation system for the 2nd generation iPod Touch). This has been so reliable up to this point. The app recognizes that there is an Apple TV on our network but won't connect now. We lost the actual aluminium Apple TV remote a long time ago so the only way now to control Apple TV is with my wife's iPhone 4S when she gets home. Otherwise the Apple TV is a brick now. Please update/recreate old app or add new update to Apple TV to fix.


We did a restart on both the Apple TV and the iPod Touch. Still no luck.

iPod touch (2nd generation), iOS 4.2, Apple TV, Apple Remote app