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When I sync my Aperture pictures to my Ipad it only syncs a random number.

I delete the pictures from the Ipad, and then try syncing again.

In the files to sync it shows all the pictures I want to sync ( around 11.000), but sometimes it syncs 5000, and sometimes 8000, sometimes 6000 but never all of them.

Memory capacity is not an issue.


Did anybody fin a solution which does not consist of deleting the Aperture library?

  • Steve Taylor1 Level 5 Level 5

    I found this in another thread




    OK. Here's the fix. Haven't had any problems since I tried the following:


    1. Use the temporary fix of deleting the com.apple.Aperture file.
    2. Now re-start Aperture while holding Command + Option and select 're-build database'
    3. Quit Aperture
    4. Note that the progress indicator "Updating Previews for Sharing" appears before Aperture closes
    5. Load Aperture
    6. Load iTunes and connect iPad or iPhone (check for accurate library structure from Aperture)
    7. Sync iPad or iPhone
    8. Create a new folder in your Aperture library.
    9. Move a couple of Albums to the new folder
    10. Go to iTunes and click on the 'Photos' tab of the device sync options
    11. Changes to Aperture library should update properly


    Let me know if this works for everyone else. I'm pretty sure it will. Seems that my library was corrupt, but rebuilding the library won't help unless the database (com.apple.Aperture) is deleted first.


  • yvesleon3105 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Steve; did not have to go though this, since with the last sync it put all the pictures in the Ipad.

    Still do not know what happened though.