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I have an Iphone 4, Ipad 2 and Ipod touch all linked to the same account, all registered on the same icloud account and when I turn on the icloud backup (even with all options switched off for backing up) the backup remains on estimating back up time.


I have deleted previous backups (I have had the backups work in the past) but still the backups never finish.


However I also noticed that when I sync the Ipad or Iphone to my Itunes (on a PC not MAC) it seems to syncronise but never completes, seems to go through steps 7 of 7 or 5 of 5 and then freezes, again never completing.


I have been to the Apple store and they emailed Icloud help and also suggested I completely uninstall the itunes and re-install, this was done but not sucessfull


thasnk for the help



iPhone 4, iOS 6.1