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It doen't work as intended.  Doesn't download all the podcast I want and even if it downloads them it doesn't aotumatically synchronize them with my iPod/iPad.

In addition, I chose to sort out oldest to newest and it doesn't sort out that way.  It seems like this was going to be a very promising app, but it just a terrible app.  It doesn't work as intended and it make many of us very mad.

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    Exactly what app is it that you are having trouble with?



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    Mhy bad I thought I mentioned it.  It is the Podcast App.

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    Can anyone help me out?  Does anyone know how to make the Podcast App work properly?

    Here are the issues I have found so far:

    Podcast on itunes show on iPod but greyed and not available to play.

    Podcast that I have listened too remain in the iPod and iTunes.  My settings are to keep all unplayed only.  I need to delete manually.

    Podcast that I have listened to and delete manually on iPod show up again after synching with iTunes.

    When a Podcast is played and done it stops and it doesn't continue to next Podcast available.

    All these among others that I do not remember now.

    I have all settings set up for download automatically.  I am subscribe to all my podcast. It seems like my only option is to download each podcast individually and manually.

    Is there any plan to provide an update to fix all these bugs

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    Happy Anniversary Apple on the broken down Podcast app.

    Seriously, in all the posts in this community, NO ONE from Apple could respond with a fix? I've not seen one URL, link, or suggestion to anyone on these forums. Admit I could keep searching but hey, how many are we expected to open. Pretty sad, pretty sad.


    Anyway, Podcasts stopped working for me way last year when I finally updated my iOS and then switched to a new 5c. The 5c I had recently went dead so I returned it recently and I'd hoped maybe it was just that phone. So I set up my brand new 5c today as a new phone and guess what - Podcast opens and crashes immediately just like always.


    Bummer. Specially since podcasts used to work completely fine in the music app and I can't understand who in tarnation thinks anyone wants a 'special' app for their podcasts anyway. Kill this app and add the feature back into the iTunes player. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!