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I am using iCal on my mac and via iCloud to my iPhone and iPad. I live in France, and work with people in San Francisco (-9 hrs). When I receive .ics files from my colleagues, the invitation "time zone" says "floating" and the time is set, say for 11AM San Francisco. I have "time support" switched on all my devices and set for "Paris". Yet the received invitation shows the meeting starts at 11AM Paris Time. If I change the Time Zone to "Pacific", it throws the timing back 9 hours (e.g. 2AM).


I cannot change the invitation in any way.


Shouldn't it show me the time this 11AM San Francisco meeting will start in France (e.g. 20:00 or 8PM)? Is it because of my settings, or what I receive from others (I assume from Outlook/Entrourage on mac)?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

iMac G5 20