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When I Look In Programs and Features In Windows 7 I Cannot Find iCloud. I Also Looked Under The Programs Folder And Did Not Find It At:


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Internet Services


I Even Used Glary Utilites To Try To Find It And Even Still Did Not Find It.



I Only Reason iCloud Is On My PC Is I Was Installed With Apple Software Update.




Please Help Me

Need Any Info Just Ask


My PC Info:


Windows 7 Ult.

IE 9

Firefox Is Up To Date

Chrome Is Up To Date

I Use A Limited And Amin User - I Could Not Find iCloud When Signed Into The Limited Or Amin User.





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iCloud For Windows, Windows 7, Windows 7 Ult.
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    The iCloud control panel is located in the Windows control panel.


    Never put your email on a public site (like this one) now all the spammers have it.

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    Thanks For Your Relpy,

    But I Mean I Can Not Find Out How To Uninstall iCloud.

    All I Get When Clicking The iCloud Icon In The Windows Control Panel Is The Login For iCloud.


    I Did Not Mean To Install iCloud , I Did Not Notice It Was Checked When I Ran Apple Update.



    But, Thanks For Your Reply

    (Your A Nice Person Since Your The Only One To Have Replyed To My Question)

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    You're welcome.