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I am having a major issue with Aperture 3.  My issue has persisted for several years, and this is the first time I am writing about it.  So I will start from the beginning.  I used iPhoto on a 2010 MacBook Pro.  I upgraded to Aperture on that computer.  I since upgraded my laptop to an iMac.  When transfering files from the laptop to the iMac, I only exported the Aperture library.  I was unaware that the Aperture library was referencing the iPhoto library, and all of the files were actually in the iPhoto library.


I since have formatted the laptop, and all of the files are gone.  However, the thumbnails are still visible in Aperture.  In the lower right I see a hazard icon.  If I go to export a version, it gives me the error message:


"Versions with unavailable original files cannot be exported.


The selected original image is either offline or not found. Please reconnect it and try again."


So the files are gone and never be found again.  Any new pictures I have imported to Aperture are fine, but the vast majority of my 17,000 photo library is missing.  Is there any way to rebuild the original photos from the thumbnails Aperture already has stored?


I have already tried Aperture's First Aid tools, and my problem remains.  The files are still not there.


Please help.

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Do you have set Aperture to create Previews of your images? In that case you should at least be able to save the jpeg previews of your images.


    • Create a new folder on your Desktop.
    • Select the images with the missing original files in aperture's Browser windows and drag them from the Browser into the folder on the Desktop. This way you will export the Preview images. They will not have a very high resolution, but should suffice for a slideshow or screensaver.
    • Then import the exported previews again and use the "lift and stamp" tool to stamp the keywords and other metadata tags from the old versions onto the newly imported previews.
    • Then you can delete the old versions with the missing originals from the library.