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feb-1-2013                    Mac mini connected to HP w2207h display.


Just bought a Mac mini 'late 2012'. Tried to connect my HP w2207h (1920x1080 - 32bit color) display AND it was going to sleep and 'never' awaked again in this situation.


Mac mini:                                        OS X 10.8.2 (12C3104) with HDMI / Thunderbolt and HDMI or Thunderbolt >>>DVI-D Dual Link (24+1) cable

          -BOOTCAMP:          Windows 7(64) AND driver for HP  w2207h monitor


After the sleep experience of the monitor, I went to the Apple Communities and found the recipe to manage this problem from 'the Flying Daddy' Oct 31.2011 and 'Josephpornchai' nov 4, 2011.



1.           I started the Mac mini in Windows 7 mode on my Sony Bravia TV. Disconnected the Bravia and connected the HP w2207h (2007 but still beautiful image) with the HDMI cable of the old monitor.

          All was going well. Best quality. No problems working with Windows 7.

2.          Then rebooting to OS X and a new deep sleeping period of the w2207h arrived.

3.          Afterwards I made a VGA connection and both OS X and Windows 7 are working perfect. Also rebooting from one to the other etc..

          But it is VGA quality and I bought the Mac mini for my wife's photo collection to reorganize it in iPhoto in OS X. Do I have a problem?


The problem: It looks like if OS X  and/or the HDMI or Thunderbolt port is missing a bit, holding the monitor awake.  



1.          Or is it a cable problem?

                    The HDMI>>>DVI-D Dual Link (24+1) connector  to HDMI from Apple did work in Windows 7 mode and not in OS X mode.

2.          The HDMI connection with the Mac mini fails. The monitor is going to sleep and never more awakes (in OS X mode).


At the back of the HP Pavillion PC - where the HP w2207h always is connected to - is available a DVI - I Dual Link (24+4+1) female connector. This is DVI without sound????



          Is a


                         Mac mini- HDMI<>DVI (24+4+1) female<>DVI (24+4+1) male<> HDMI - HP w2207h


          connection, between the Mac mini 'late 2012' perhaps the solution for this  - 'going to sleep forever' - problem of the HP w2207h wide screen display?


          A HP w2207h driver for OS X 10.8.2 is not available.


          Perhaps Apple can activate the missing 'bit'.





DVI Kabel


Apple >>> DVI cable DVI-D Dual Link (24+1)

HP >>>>> DVI connector (2006) DVI - I Dual Link (24+4+1)


PS: The recipe of Flying Daddy Oct.31.2011 and Josephpornchai Nov4.2011 worked only by changing from Sony Bravia TV to HP monitor running Windows 7.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Nice tip/post, thanks!

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    The solution of Josephpornchai is correct. Poncha wrote me some hours ago:


    On 1 February 2013 17:10, PONCHAI WILALAI wrote:

    Hello Friend,

    these are what i connected from Mac mini 2011 to HP monitor.


    1.Mini DisplayPort to DVI

    2.DVI - HDMI



    On 1 February 2013 16:54, PONCHAI WILALAI wrote:
    Hello  ,,,
    For Mac mini and HP w2207h may caused from OSX or Cable ....


    I used the Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter.Now i use it from Sep 2011-Now.

    It was not a problem from HP monitor....(i used it till now)

    but maybe caused from OS or Cable not support as it could.

    Please try Mini DisdplayPort to DVI Adapter to solve this problem.

    If your monitor still going to die then you can buy new monitor.

    Don't forget to bring your Mac mini to monitor shop and test at the shop before buying.

    Please feel free to ask me...

    God bless you.









    Mac mini ---> Mini DisplayPort to DVI (24+1) Female -------->DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI ----> HP w2207h




    A beautiful digital screen back in duty. Thanks Joseph!


    Attention: set the HP w2207h before in RESOLUTION: BEST FOR DISPLAY


    Both operating systems Windows 7 (64) and OS X with Bootcamp are starting and running vica versa excellent.





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