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how to trace the phone from oversea n malaysia

iPhone 3GS
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    can you explain further?


    this might help you



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    i've bought 3g iphone from my friend. i'm trying to restore the phone. but, after do backup n so on. i can't restore. the iphone already lock n i can't on. when i send to the centre, they told me that the phone is from australia. so what can i do?


    i'm trying to bought another 3gs iphone. so i would like to check where the phone come from. how can i check it. by using imei @ modem firmware @ what? can u help me?

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    mmm... i see... i think.

    well, zura ab, this is the pro audio section of the apple discussions and not the best place to ask.


    to answer this wuestion, people need to know ehere you are because the procedure varies from country to country.

    and perhaps you can help the helpers by asking whoever you bought it from as much as you can, the box it came in will have some info, and also ask what carrier it was on in the country of origin.


    go HERE and chose the iphone 3 (and then the ihpone 3gs) from the catergories, search that forum and then ask those people.


    other places you can go to find your answers are...






    good luck