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There seems to be no place-finding counter in my iTouch 6.0.1


I’ve switched some of my audio books  to my iTouch and find that I cannot keep track of where I am in the books except by whole chapters.


When I listen to books on the old Nano, there’s a counter that shows the exact location of where I am and where I left off and it allows me to find that spot again if I record the stopping point and just spin back to that spot. (Sometimes the stopped location gets lost and the book restarts at the beginning).


When this happens on the iTouch, I cannot find that exact stopping point again. The only reference seems to be a chapter list which is not at all exact.


Is there a way to find the precise spot I stopped at last by use of a visual counter in the iTouch? It sure would make life easier when the Touch temporarily replaces my trusty ol’ Nano.


Many thanks