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I've just bought a brand new palm guard for my retina macbook pro, which comes with a trackpad guard as well. I carefully placed them on my mac, and was quite happy that I was able to rest my palms without worrying that the aluminium body would turn yellow due to dirt and whatnot... but anyway, it felt good while it lasted. I came across an Apple support page which says that users should not be placing any form of palm guard on our retina macbook pro as it will damage the screen. I'm not sure how true is this, but since it's from Apple, I thought it should be legit, so I threw them away. Just wondering, how then should we protect the palm rest area, is there something Apple is missing here, because they've designed something that seems so magical and yet, so fragile, we are paying thousands of dollars for this machine and now risk scratches from our watches and bracelets and rings? Ridiculous is it... Utterly dissapointed..

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Perhaps when you close the MBP the palm rest may create an impression on the screen and/ or put the dirt and whatnot on it.

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    Hey, anyone following this thread or just happen to be here, just read this, it won't take a lot of your time I swear, but for the sake of your mac, please read it.


    Apple isn't lying when they said do not get a palm guard, the design really is like what they said it the support notice.




    I've done a little experiment by myself to prove this and I've found out that the retina screen rests perfectly on the keyboard, as well as the palm rest, and there is no room for anything in between. Here are the experiments I've done. I used a needle to see if the retina display was vulnerable to scratches, and it is, I merely touched it and it made a mark. Then I went on to my second experiment, you guys can try it if you want. I placed a coin on my keyboard, closed my lid, and shook my mac around, couldn't hear the coin sliding around. I opened it and the coin was exactly where I placed it on my keyboard. The screen was literally pressing on the coin, which means it could be either resting on the keyboard when the lid is down, or the space in between is less than the thickness of the coin. Good luck guys