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I upgraded to iTunes version 11(Windows XP and 7) and now the link to our iTunesU courses goes directly to the Apple download site for iTunes 11 and not to the course in iTunes. This is a major problem because a lot of students might be upgrading to version 11. Our school has private iTunesU courses so the only way they can access the courses is through a link in the LMS which takes them there. The link still works if you have older versions of iTunes, but if you upgrade to version 11 it won't work. Is there a solution to this?

Windows 7
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    Access to out private iTunes U area has also stopped working. It was wokring under version 11 earlier ths week.


    Would this be related to the issues with Apple suspending Java code execution. We have a small snippet of Java code to hande the authentification.

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    That's interesting that it was working before. Do you have any ideas on how this can be fixed? If so, or if you find a soultion to this problem please let me know. Thanks.