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I updatet my iOS to the latest on my iphone 3GS, just to download garageband for iphone, now istarted working with it, learning it.

I want to have my smart guitar tuned down to B (2,5 steps). I read in the help, that in the tracks options, after the quantize button, there will be a transpose button. I suppose it could be the answer, but there is no such button.


What could I do?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1
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    Some of the Smart Instruments have restrictions regarding their MIDI Regions and the Smart Guitar is one those exceptions. It doesn't provide the Transpose feature in the Track Settings. If you still want to transpose the Regions use the MIDI Editor:


    1. Double-tap on the Region, this opens a popup strip
    2. Tap on the Edit command, this opens the MIDI Editor
    3. Double-tap on the grid (not on a MIDI Event), this opens a popup strip
    4. Tap on the "Select All", this selects all MIDI Events in that Region
    5. Drag a MIDI Event up or down, this will transpose all the Events accordingly



    Hope that helps


    Edgar Rothermich


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