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Apple seems to have patched java though the backdoor and that keeps FinalCutServer from launching the Webstart application.

We see the issue at a couple of customers using FinalCutServer. The problem appears after restart/start today (31.1.2013) on 10.6.8 based systems.
You will get a message in the logs like "Bad installation. No JRE found in configuration file: No such file or directory"
We figured out the problem already and have build a little launcher app as a workaround to keep you guys working....
http://moovit.de/index.php/TechBlog/Techblog/finalcut-server-won-t-launch-after- restart


Greetings Jan



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    Thank you!!!

    This worked for us.  We managed to avoid updates up until now.


    Oddly enough we found another work around for this.


    If you enable the java console (show console in the java prefs->advanced).


    It forces the app to launch and works everything, sadly thats not a global setting, which brought me here.


    Thanks so much for this work Janemann!!!!