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Hi there, was wondering if someone can help?


If I send a message from my iMac (OSX 10.8.2) through Mail (i have an iCloud account, my email address ends in @me.com) it shows in my Sent box obviously, but it does not show on my iPad (the new one with the retina display) Sent box.


It's the same the other way round, if I send a message from my iPad (or through iCloud from another computer) it does not show on my iMac (though I can see them if I click on ICLOUD and then Sent Messages folder on the left tool bar, so OK I suppose, although they are not name as the recipient, they are named as me).


If I go to Mail - Preferences - Accounts - Mailbox Behaviours and click 'Store send maessages on the server' as I read somewhere, all the messages I sent from my iMac through Mail disappear and are replaced with the ones sent from my iPad and iCloud. When I uncheck the box, they change back.



Basically I would like all my sent messages sent from my iMac through Mail, my iPad through Mail and through iCloud from another computer (for instance when I am using a PC at work and just sign into my iCloud account to check and send mail) to show in the Sent box of all three.


Is this possible?!


I only use the one email address through this, @me.com


Any advice would be much appreciated.



iMovie (iOS), Mac OS X (10.6.2)