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Can I loop three images that dissolve one after another within in one slide of my presentation? I know you can loop an entire show, but I want the images to loop as a prelude until I hit the space bar to start my presentation.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Keynote
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    as you noted, Keynote can only loop a complete presentation, so the workaround is to loop a small presentation then hyperlink to a separate main presentation:


    put the three images in 3 separate slides

    set the transition on each slide as you want

    set to loop slide show in;   inspector > document


    to make the presentation seamless:

    place a shape botom right of each slide hyperlinked to the 2nd slide show 


    inspector > hyperlink

    enable hyperlink

    link to Keynote file


    lastly make both presentation play on open


    inspector > document > automatically play on open

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    Thanks Gary!


    I thought of another solution. Set up a mini slide show, then export it in Quicktime. Place the Quicktime movie - set on loop - in my Keynote presentation.When I hit advance it moves right to the next slide.