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After I had to force quit System Preferences I also restarted my iMac.   Now, when I open Finder, ALL the listing of "My Documents", "Applications" have disappeared! The docs are there, for whe I open Excel, or Word, I can access the documents.


And "Desktop" tab in System Preferences still stops while "Loading Images"! I have to Force Quit again...


When I click the apple icon and then "About This Mac" nothing happens... In the past I could get the info


When I stick an external Scan stick: nothing shown on desktop as before



When I switched from one user to the other (there are only two) , the screen turned to the new user with the password prompt. Now after a long wait, only a blue screen and after a while the password prompt.



Whan has happened here? What can be done to restore


Reply by Eric Root on Feb 1, 2013 11:32 AM Helpful

Try starting in the Safe Mode to see if the same thing happens.


Starting Up in the Safe Mode


What is Safe Mode

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