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I want to transfer the entire contents of my hard disk on my 'source computer', an eMac (PPC) with OS X 10.4.11, to a 'target computer', a Mac mini, PPC, at present running OS X 10.4.2. I am not interested in using one computer into a boot disk for the other. I want to create a back-up computer that is complete in itself for use in the eventuality of a technical failure of the first one.


I have looked at <https://discussions.apple.com/message/3625359?searchText=Transferring all contents of hard disk to another computer#3625359>, but I have a number of questions.


1. In that very useful article, the Mac mini is not listed as a possible target computer. Does that mean that I cannot use Migration Assistant for this task? In that case, can I use Carbon Copy Cloner (please see 4.below)?


2. Does Migration Assistant transfer all the invisible files and folders?


3. Should I upgrade the operating system of the Mac mini (the target computer) to 10.4.11 before proceeding, or will Migration Assistant transfer the OS from my source computer to the Mac mini at the same time as it is transferring files, apps, etc.?


4. I have got a version of Carbon Copy Cloner that runs on my 'source computer'. I have tried using that, but an error message appears, saying that my 'target computer' (the Mac mini) cannot be found. (Yes, I checked in the mini's System Prefences/Sharing what the mini's name is.) Should I set System Pref./Sharing/Personal file sharing on or off on the source computer? On the target computer? Should I use Target Mode?


5. Similarly, how should I set the permissions under 'Firewall' on the source computer? On the target computer?


Thank you in anticipation of any help.



eMac G4 (PPC), 1.25 GHz, Mac OS X (10.4.11)