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I have read the various posts concerning the ongoing HDMI issues with the 2012 Mac Mini when attached to various monitors.I'm using a HDMI to HDMI cable on a Mac Mini and the colors look white washed, example you open up a folder in list view you can not see the light blue colored rows that should appear. Text also looks very blurry / jagged.



After calibration or using a calibration file, setting the contrast, brightness and RGB the colors still look very poor.  I have applied latest apple updates but does not fix color or text issues.




Has anyone's  color problems been resolved when using:


  • Thunderbolt / Mini display to HDMI adapter ?
  • Thunderbolt / Mini display to VGA adapter?
  • Thunderbolt / Mini display to DVI adapter?




Does your color problems persist when using:


  • HDMI to HDMI ?
  • HDMI to DVI ?
  • HDMI to VGA ?



What monitor are you using, does the issue happen with an Apple Monitor when using HDMI to HDMI ?




Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)