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I have to remember what material I have put in which track.....Is there a way to create a visual difference by color or name or something that in you multi track project you can just know that in this layer are the NG takes....or in this are the safety shots or something like that....it visually becomes confusing when project becomes big.Or like one compound clips is lying in which are all the 'might be used' shots.....can I label it in someway that I can recognize the clip among hundreds of them.....??

Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Show Timeline Index.

    Click on the "Clips" tab on the top.

    That lists the clips used in your timeline.

    Click on the "Titles" tab at the bottom.

    That shows just the titles of your clips.

    All your "NG" takes will be listed alphabetically in that list and click on them and the timeline will jump to each as you click.


    You can also use the markers:

    Instead of clicking on "Clips" in the index, click on "Tags".

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    Sorry, Titles shows you text, not titles of clips. Video, Audio, Titles are listed in the index by their title.

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    Custom Roles (and Sub-Roles) -- I know it sounds like a pain in the you-know-where... but it can be a timesaver if you have the discipline to set them up.


    When you select the role/subrole you're working on, the clips "light up" and are easily distinguishable from all other clips on the storyline.


    Below I have "old edit" highlighted (and the "new edit" clip thumbnails are minimized [see the small icon on the right side of the column is selected:])

    Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 4.17.55 PM.png


    And below the "new edit" role is selected lighting up the clip on the storyline.

    Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 4.17.41 PM.png


    You can command click multiple roles/subroles to highlight different wider-scoped aspects of your project.


    You can also change Roles for clips once their status has changed. There are a variety of ways to do this, but one of the easiest is to customize the timeline index a little first. If you go to the Clips tab and right click on the column title bar, you can set what is shown:


    Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 4.32.39 PM.png


    I have Position and Roles showing (I don't use notes ordinarily nor the Active Angle as I don't do a lot of multicam.)  From this pane, you can shift or command click any number of clips in your storyline then go to any one of the downward turned triangles in the Roles column and change the assigned role for all those clips simultaneously.


    There's no way (yet) to set the colors of clips, but you can do a lot of very sophisticated organizational things with Roles.



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    No I'm asking something else.......

    first of all while running up and down of a page....you neither have names of tracks like V1 V2 etc ...nor can you put colors on them to speedily scroll down to that track....if you have 14 tracks for all your material you will have to carefully view the thumbnails to know which track you have to work in ......any work around for a visual hint of a track in a big project ?



    your Timeline-clips,titles...method is for the already known media ...i.e ...if I know which file I want I can click on it to jump to it in the timeline......  if I have edited clips and formed a compound clip and want to rename it such that when I put my cursor on it it says.....'already edited drum roll' or 'edited dance step'....something like it it becomes easy......markers can be made if you have a couple of clips...but among 200 clips putting markers would be so confusing.....

    so in this kind of new layout say I have 200 bits of clips in 20 tracks how do you think should I immediately find that bit in which the person laughs or the kid falls from the bicycle.....because not always by looking at the thumbnail you can findout if there are many identically looking faces or sequences.......

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    1) specially in projects like a music video where you have to try thousands of combination of clips, you have to keep the entire material accessible....and that too in the timeline....going back to lists and you timeline view getting disturbed every now and then is so frustrating that it takes you a while in again tracing the section you were doing trial and error on so....if the information could be seen in the timeline it self be it color or label or anything....it would be workable......


    2) Most of the time the timeline area you are working on keeps getting disturbed ....sometimes it snaps to the end of the last clip or sometimes to the beginning....is there a way to keep that area fixed ?

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    You don't have 'tracks'!


    You Layers and you have Roles. Stop thinking about tracks...


    As Fox show you, you assign Roles to your clips, and those can be assigned in the timeline or in the Event browser. Start to look into than!


    Start here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9SKJoarCoI :-)

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    The Timeline Index also has a Search field.

    And yes, STOP thinking in "tracks", that will twist you up.