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How can I turn off the LTE data when I am someplace where there is not WiFi and I do not want my LTE running up a bill? I have tracked my usage and realize that the LTE is being used even when I am not using it, just because the phone is turned on.

iPhone 5
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    You can turn off cellular data completely or just disable the LTE option (it will fall back to 3G or whatever mode is lower than LTE). If you want NO cellular data to be used at all, turn off Cellular Data.

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    Merely being on should not use any data.  You must have something running - something using push notifications, or push email, prhaps?


    So, you can either track down what is using the data and change it, or you could go in and disaple cellular data in your settings.


    One other thing to check is


    Settings -> General -> About -> Diagnostic and Usage data -> set it to "Don't Send"

    Settings -> Restrictions -> Location Services -> System Services -> turn all these "OFF" (this will not affect how you use your phone at all, but will stop any outgoing location information being sent periodically back to Apple).