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I have ARD (3.6.1) running on one of my OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2) admin machines and I'm having an issue where I can't wake sleeping machines, via ARD, on the LAN.


I'm building Lion and Mountain Lion "base images" for scaled deployment and I'd like to set them so that they go to sleep after X amount of time. But, for whatever reason, ARD can't wait these machines once they go to sleep. I've never found ARD very consistent on how it does WOL, but I was hoping that with clean installations of both Lion and Mountain Lion (up-to-date per OS), with up-to-date ARD clients, with client machines set to "Wake for Ethernet network access", etc., that it would finally work properly. But, I just can't get ARD to wake these sleeping machines.


Does anyone have any suggestions on why this might be happening? I rely on ARD for remoate management of all Macs I manage (for end-user support, maintenance, etc.) so I need to be able to "connect" to these machine. And without WOL working properly, I have to set our machines to never go to sleep (which is really annoying).


So, if anyone has any suggestions, it'd be greatly appreciated!