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I had some trouble with my "new" PowerBook G4 12inch 1,33GHz after inserting an SSD resulting in freeze after wake up.


So I tried the "set-defaults" command in open firmware.


This don't resolved the problem bu now all things seems to be slower.

I installed a fresh 10.4 but I could swear that it takes much longer.


What does this "set-defaults" comand in open firmware? Maybe I killed some of Apples factory optimization?

Can I restore these values? Are these defaults the factory defaults for this PB or firmware defaults?


Next time I will ask before my experiments....





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    "set-defaults" means to reset the machine back to factory settings. The following must be typed in open firmware:


    reset-nvram - This sets up a factory reset of the NVRAM.

    set-defaults - Sets the flag so that the defaults embedded in ROM can be returned back to factory default

    reset-all - FACTORY reset complete.. and machine reboots.


    There are briefly two commands afterward that open firmware throws out at you.. I think it says sharp0020 or something along those lines.. but know that once you type the 3 commands, your firmware resets back to factory defaults. Your preferences might reset themselves under OS X however.