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I installed a Supertalent 32GB DuraDrive ET2 SSD in my PowerBook G4 12" 1,33GHz and now after wake up it freeze. The keyboard and trackpad show no response any more. I have to shut it down or close and open the lid several times.


I read that some SSDs have to be set to "master" by jumper. But this drive don't mention this option the data sheet.


Has anyboody running this drive in an PowerBook?


Any hint to solve this? I tried already a fresh install. 10.3.9, 10.4, 10.4.11 and 10.5 = the same problem.


Thanks in advance



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    The PowerBook is still a great device! But nobody seems to upgraded else it to ssd yet

    Am I the only one???

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    You should try the jumper. Simply google the SSD manufacturer and look for the jumper settings. I know in my G5 it needed Jumpers. I am waiting on my G4 PowerBook 1.67 to get here this weekend. I am working on a browser for PPC only, and needed a PPC portable. So needless to say I will check if you don't resolve it by then....

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    I tried to contact them. Without a jumper it should be master.

    The manual say nothing about but it cames with a jupmer an 4 screws in the package.


    So I tried it with the jumper on the first pins too.


    I tried two similar ssd drives in an PB G4  12" 1,0 GHz, PB G4 12" 1,33 GHz and PB G4 17" 1,5 GHz.


    On all PB are the trackpad and keyboard are freezing after wakeup. This happens only with autosleep mode. I thried all setings in 10.4.11


    If I close the lid or select the hibernation manualy there isn't any problem.

    Also I tried to set diferent hibernation modes via the open firmware (write to disk).


    Still I can't use the auto sleep settings.


    Can I run any protocol to catch what causes this behavior?