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My 3GS was working perfectly.  Then I upgraded, and lost my email notifications.  Everything is checked off.  Thoughts?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1
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    I had the same issue. Just change the settings like they were before and then it works again.

    Just go to settings -> notifications -> email and then enable what you want - especially on the bottom that emails are shown in the lock screen.


    The email issue is not that bad. I also have the 3G issues mentioned in this thread:




    And they don't go away..

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    It wasn't notifications afterall...  Turns out iOS 6.1's email app doesn't like exchange servers.  No exchange email server communication after the update.  And the email app developed some other twitches with gmail and my other accounts, too.  I've spoken to a few people with the same issue.  I'm now doing a complete restore.  Hopefully that will work, or I'll have to wait for Apple to put out another update...

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    Okay.. good luck with that. It's weird since I also only have exchange email accounts. Even my GMAIL is configured as exchange.


    Good luck with your restore - if you want just let me know if it worked...


    But you don't have the issue with the 3G network, do you?

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    you could also always try a decent email app like altamail, which i have installed

    it uses a service called wenotify and you can customize your alerts etc

    also works on 3G

    you might find you get a bit more control over your email and notifications with this app

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    Apple changed something with ssl.  My exchange and VPN connections only work on wifi now.  Wow thanks apple