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This message may show up in the in the console log for an application that has crashed. Alternatively, you may see the AddressBook framework as the location of a crash in a crash report.


The cause may be a bad alias in the application support folder for the application that is crashing. You will need to correct the alias to point the correct location. As follows:


  1. Hold down the Option key and bring up the Finder "Go" menu. Holding down Option allows you to open the Library folder in your account.
  2. Inside the Library is the Containers folder. Open that folder.
  3. Look for the folder associated with the crashing application, for example iPhoto. In iPhoto's case the folder is com.apple.iPhoto.
  4. Navigate to the following (using iPhoto as the example) folder: ~Library/Containers/com.apple.iPhoto/Data/Library/Application Support
  5. You will see an alias named AddressBook. Check the original file that the alias points to. If the alias points to the ~Library/Application Support folder, you have found the source of the crash. You need to make the alias point to the ~Library/Application Support/AddressBook folder.


Hope this tip helps.