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  • lyallp Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Assuming a recent reboot.


    Under the Overview tab, does the 'CPU Usage' graph show a pretty typical usage of around 10%? If more, there may be an issue, my iPhone 4s running IOS 6.1 is cruising at around 7.0% with the following running

    • System Status in the foreground
    • Messages
    • Phone
    • Contacts
    • Calendar (synced to my OwnCloud)
    • Music
    • Mail (with 3 separate IMAP accounts)
    • Reminders (synced to my OwnCloud)
    • Clock (3 alarms)
    • Notes


    I found that using the 'Details->System Log' helped me to identify recurring errors that happen in very close time frames - ignore log messages that are more than 60 seconds apart, with regard to trying to resolve this.


    The 'processes' tab, look at the runtime for all the processes. Are any significantly higher than the rest? Drag the list down to refresh, does one process seem to be consuming more CPU?


    These are just how I managed to find my problem, admittedly, on an older version of IOS, but on the same model phone (4s 64gb).

  • RobboMagic Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi lyallp


    I really appreciate you helping me on this.


    My CPU usage appears to be around 5%. It flutuates between 2% and 11%


    The only apps running are Mail and System Status.


    On an average day, I tend to have lots more open during the course of the (Message, phone, Tweetbot, Mail, Instagram, Reeder, Facebook etc etc)


    In 'Processes' there are 36 'mobile' user processes ranging from 2m 10s to 2h 40mins.

    16 'root' user processes ranging from 37m to 2hr 40mins


    Are they all processes that are currently running?


    System Log is currently empty

  • lyallp Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    IMHO, given the list of apps you are running, I am not suprised.


    I suspect you have 'push' enabled for all of them, which is heavy on network access for one app, let alone the list you supplied.


    I know it would affect how your apps work, but I would set them to Pull, and make it so that you have to manually instigate a refresh, rather than having the phone constantly 'pulling', via wireless or 3/4G, which is a large battery drain.


    Alternatively, make sure you 'double tap home, press and hold and close the apps' when not in use, unless, of course, you are relying on the notifications of new activity.


    Just as a point of curiosity, try closing all the apps down (double tap hope, tap and hold till X appears, close the apps), before going to bed. Check your battery the next day. I my bet is it will be only 10% less than it was the night before. Then, try having all  your apps that you usually run in the background. Do the same thing, check the battery before going to bed and when you get up. My guess is you will see a huge difference in the battery consumption, overnight.



    Bottom line, really, you run lots of apps, you need CPU and battery to drive them.

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    To be honest with you, I do quit my apps every few hours. Then eventually as the day wears on, I have them open again. I never leave them constantly open. I always quit my apps at night.


    Last night I had no apps running and my phone drained from 90 to 38% in 7 hours. Not sure what the **** it was doing while I was asleep.


    I had hardly any apps running yesterday and turned off all my features (locations, Bluetooth, Siri) and I could literally sit there and watch the percentage count down.


    No apps running now and and my battery has drained from 30% to 15% in 25 mins

  • lyallp Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    As an experiment, try

    • Turn off wifi
    • Turn off bluetooth
    • Turn off 3g data

    Effectively putting the phone into airplane mode.


    Then do a re-boot.


    I know this is going to cripple your app usage, but, do this overnight, just to test battery drain.


    It's all part of problem diagnostics - eliminating the potential problems. When/if you end up talking to Apple, having said that you have done all this helps a lot.


    Also, having these posts in the forum was very useful to me because it showed I was having problems with my phone (completely different issue) prior to my warranty running out, and because I had posted queries about the problem before the warranty ran out, they allowed a replacement 1 month after my warranty had expired. This, in my opinion, was awesome service.

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    Thanks iyallp - great advice.


    My phone is on 7% so I'm going to let it die and then recharge from empty - see what happens this afternoon. If it is still misbehaving, I'll turn off all the connections and leave it over night as you said.


    Thanks again :-)

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    'no widespread [pOS} 6 battery drain problem'


    Perhaps in fanboy world, but for the rest of us, the issue is real!


    From 95% to 40% in two hours with no use. No issue?!?

  • KiltedTim Level 8 Level 8 (47,475 points)

    If you have a problem, troubleshoot it. From what I can see, you're nothing but a troll.

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    Wrong, if there was no battery drain, why would apple release 6.1.1 for the iPhone 4s?


    Apple makes mistakes, clearly. See 6, Maps, Siri, etc.



    <Edited by Host>

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    Apple released 6.1.1 yesterday (23MB) and I downloaded it and refreshed/rebooted by iPhone 4S twice.  I have the same issues as you all with the 6.1 iOS download with 3X-4X shorter battery life and overheating.


    I waited vehemently for Apple to come out with a patch (the 6.1.1 release).  Unfortunately, it did NOT work.  As a matter of fact, I believe my battery drains even faster now.

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    Dang; sorry. That is disappointing.


    I did what all the other forums are recommending:


    1) I deleted my exchange account

    2) I re-added it

    3) I rebooted.

    4) Been avoiding this: factory reset with no restore (I believe Apple should be able to make an update that supports a restore...)


    Good luck. I thought it was only my old 3GS, but my iPhone 4 was killed last night.


    20% in ~20 mins. Really hot in my pocket, or I would not have noticed...

  • KiltedTim Level 8 Level 8 (47,475 points)

    Go_Linux wrote:


    Re: Troll, nice try. I have four Apple *** devices and a Mac. Just not one of the Sheepple... or wearing a skirt.

    No, I picture you more wearing a Mumu...

  • Go_Linux Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Wrong again: I have a life. Not a ton of posts (and points, so cute) on a support site.

  • KiltedTim Level 8 Level 8 (47,475 points)

    Dude... you really need to keep your mouth shut when you don't know what you're talking about. Which from the looks of it, is most of the time.


    It only makes it clear that you're completely clueless.

  • deggie Level 9 Level 9 (51,645 points)

    Do this again but do not sync with your calendar and see what happens.