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    That's a good idea.


    I am having a weird error where a meeting invite stays in my calendar even though I have accepted it.


    That points to calendar being the (possible) culprit.

  • JbRoch Level 1 Level 1

    I can confirm the below worked ! Back to my normal pre iOS 6.1 or 6.1.1 batter drain rates...

    Just to point out the two devices are :

    iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.1

    iPad gen. 2 iOS 6.1


    I used the steps I recorded below, the reboots at each step may be the key as anything corrupted will stay on the device till a restart is done to clear memory! Good luck to all of you this may not help. Some how I am not surprised Apple is still not caring about QA with Microsoft products......geese...


    Fix I did:



    i read some interesting references to Exchange being put in a bind over the upgrade, making repeated calls to the server looking for updates. This makes sense to me and recently got no joke, 10 separate  notification of single meeting I accepted yesterday.  I saw in the posts that folks had deleted exchange and reinstalled it and the problems with Battery went away. I have since deleted exchange on the Phone and Ipad and reinstalled on both.  The steps I followed on both were:


    Delete Exchange from device  Then Shutdown/Restart

    Reinstall Exchange on Device Then Shutdown/Restart


    Phone is now charging for the 3rd time today! I promise to come back here and post the results of the tests soon. If in fact this is the culpret would explain why some folks are not seeing this problem as they may not have Exchange on thier devices!


    From what I can see I did not lose any data by deleteing Exchange from the 2 devices


    Keeping fingers crossed!

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