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My laptop running vista crashed, lost itunes.

The new laptop is running windows 8 and cannot read the files from my old hard drive or my external backup.

can I use my iCloud backup to transfer everything that is on my iPhone to iTunes on my new laptop?

I've already downloaded iTunes and authorized my new laptop, but I have not synced my phone yet, as I would lose everything on it.


It's not as easy as transferring purchases from itunes.

I have almost all of my cds from home loaded into my old iTunes, as well as iBooks and podcasts that I cannot access again.

I understand from researching iCloud support that iBooks and podcasts are not backed up in iCloud.


I also would have to wipe my phone clean to access the 'restore' function on icloud. is there a way around that?


I have iPhone 4s and I'm still running iOs 5.1.1 because I wanted to figure out my backup issues first


iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1, itunes