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I have been able to compile and execute Fortran code on OS X 10.8.2 with "gcc-42-5666.3-darwin11.pkg" downloaded to usr/bin.  I use the command gfortran-4.2 -o to generate executable file.


I would like to Run a Fortran project with Xcode 4.6.  So I downloaded Xcode with command-line tools, developer library and core library.  Xcode Runs C code from the interface no problem, but I can not get a Fortran project to Run in Xcode interface.  Seems that code never meets the compiler.


I installed Xcode two days after gcc-4.2 package.  There is no /usr/local/bin on my hard drive, so no files there.  If you can advise, I will be grateful.

Xcode 4.6, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), C code "Runs" on Xcode, not Fortran