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I have a Virgin media calbe connection and a Time Capsule set up in Bridge mode.  I now wish to use a power ethernet connection to extend wifi into the upper floor of the house.  Every time I set up the Airport Express it kicks out the TIme Capsule.  Can somebody help me please?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Configure the AirPort Express by temporarily connecting it to one of the LAN <-> ports on the Time Capsule using a spare Ethernet cable. Any length will do. Once it is configured, move it to the desired location.


    But, before that, you need to verify that the Ethernet over Powerline (EOP) adapters are working correctly. To do that temporarily turn off the wireless on a laptop and connect it to the remote EOP adapter. See if you can get a good Internet connection this way. If you can, the chances of using the AirPort Express improve.


    Post back on your findings and then we'll tell you how to configure the AirPort Express correctly.

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    Many thanks for your help.  The EOP is working - I have my Apple TV connected to it and have just checked it again.


    Should I connect the EOP to the Virgin box or the Apple Time capsule?

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    When you are ready, you would connect an Ethernet cable from one of the LAN <-> ports on the Time Capsule to the EOP adapter.


    In the meantime, move the Express close to the Time Capsule

    Power up the Express and wait a full minute

    Hold in the reset button on the Express for 9-10 seconds and release

    Allow a full minute for the Express to restart


    Connect a short spare Ethernet cable from a LAN <-> port on the Time Capsule to the WAN port on the Express


    Click the AirPort icon on your Mac and wait a few seconds for the heading of New AirPort Base Station to appear

    Just below that, click directly on AirPort Express


    New AirPort Base Station.png




    AirPort Setup will open up and take a minute to analyze the network, then announce that the Express will be conifgured to "extend" the Time Capsule network


    Enter a device for the Express and click Next


    AirPort Setup will take another minute to configure everything. When you see the message of Set Up Complete, click Done


    A green light on the Express will confirm that it is operating correctly


    Now move the Express to its final destination and connect it to the EOP using an Ethernet cable and power it back up. You are done.