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I have students building a movie...for senior graduation.  Their photos appear fine in iPhoto...but when dragged to timeline the image appears weakend, desaturated, slightly gray or bluish.  I think its a thing of too many hands in the fire...perhaps we'll need to bring back default settings.  Any suggestion would be appreciated..


iMovie 6.0.3 version...

iMacs and eMacs, Mac OS X (10.4.3)
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    iMovie 6.0.3 is a very old version dating back to 2006. Are you making standard definition movies (for DVDs for example) or are you making HD movies?


    If you are making a standard definition movie, your 10 megapixel photo will be reduced to about 0.3 megapixels (640x480) so you will naturally lose some definition.

    If you are making an HD movie, you should have about 2 megapixels in your image (1920x1080) so it should still look pretty good.


    If this is a different issue, i.e. some photos look good and some look bad, then let us know and we may have some ideas.

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    This is a stand alone system, used each year just for working on the school yearbook for publishing class, and the seniors create a slide show that lasts about 20 minutes of their years K-12 during the end of their graduation. We've done this for a number of years now, this one system.  Its been fine...and I"ve made a few movies on the system myself.


    I was teaching another class when a couple girls/seniors came and asked if I could come look.  I can't remember the photos in the display from timeline ever looking different from first clicking on the image file in iPhoto from the media.  Values, color etc.,remaining the same.


    We are making regular DVD movies...burning to disc, using a DVD player and projector in our graduation program.


    What I saw this afternoon, was more a tint of the original photo once it appeared on the timeline.  By tint, I mean lighter, more pastel in color...a loss of value contrast and color saturation.


    The students first enhance the images using photoshop on other systems, working as a small team...making them 8"x 10" in size at 150dpi...saved as jpg, files shared by a memory stick to the stand alone system, and imported into iPhoto.  The operating system is a Tiger intel...10.4.6


    Editing works for the students off their impression the image in the timeline gives...so, this is throwing them off.  They tell me...the progress of making this began with the images looking normal.  This is more a recent development, perhaps the last week or so.


    I hope my description helps lead to some notion or idea.  Thanks for your time...

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    Thanks, that is a very good description. There are regulars here who are much more knowledgeable than I am on iMovie 06. I will see if they can help. Some of them are in Europe, so they may not see this until tomorrow.


    If you do not get a response in a timely basis, I would suggest reposting your question with iMovie 6 in the title, and that will get their attention.

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    much appreciated, thanks...

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    From your description of their workflow I can't immediately see why this colour shift would occur. It does not differ materially from mine and I have never seen that.


    I need to experiment, but I will be away today so it may take a while. Meantime someone else may jump in with a solution!

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    thanks, appreciate that...


    I've made a number of dvds as an artist...which I actually market.  I use Final Cut Studio...for the most part, but have done a few shorter videos with iMovie to have some upper hand with students, that is to help them, teach.  But I've not encountered this before either.


    Its been sometime, so memory or method escapes me...but is there a simple enough reset to default settings for iMovie that I could attempt?  I teach visual arts, but also computer graphic arts and my experience with students with too many hands in the fire, is they often don't understand computers only do what they are told or instructed to do, and will remember who told it to do what when.  Thanks...

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    Late and really not sure at all.


    I do - in PhotoShop

    • Export out as .jpg ( always ! ) (if not layered and to FinalCut where layers can be of importance) and to the folder containing material for my movie ( I always create one of these to keep material intact - photos, audio and texts)


    • from folder drag .jpg photo into my movie project - and they are sort of OK for my needs


    When needing more - I use FinalCut Pro.


    Yours Bengt W

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    at the level of these high school students...and changes to their requirements, they don't get visual arts long enough to advance to programs like Final Cut.  Macs coming with iMovies makes it too convenient to stick with that.


    they claim they burned what they had...tried looking at it the video on another system and it did not appear blue.


    If I find the time, I need to log in under my name, start a simple movie to see what is going on.  I suspect it will appear to be working normal for me, which will say some hand in the mix among students operated some command.  In which case if there is a way to bring back the default settings, that would be good to know.



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    Just a thought:


    There is more than one way to save an image as a jpeg in Photoshop, and that may be causing the problem. Also, what exactly are the students doing to the images in photoshop?


    (I may regret asking that! )


    I only use iMovie 6 and rarely use Photoshop, preferring the simplicity of GraphicConverter, but I haven't seen that problem.

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    Basic enhancements...auto color, auto levels etc.,

    in some cases they might back a new image file...create a collage of student pics, two or three...flatten layers, save as a "jpeg" format file.  All basic...


    size I recommended, which has worked the past eight-ten years now for the graduation program, is 8"x 10" at 150 dpi...


    basic RYG mode, 8 bits...


    they then save them to a memory stick to transfer to the stand alone system, storing in iPhoto to be called up in iMovie.

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    basic RYG mode

    We may be on to somethng. Have you tried saving as CMYK?

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    sorry clicked "solved" by accident...


    No...don't believe the students would have, as I've never taught that except in situations something might go to print.  For most...that does not happen.  But if I may asked...we have successfully produced roughly 14-20 videos over the past eight years  with all images saved in RYB mode...why do you suppose this might now be a glitch?


    always a learning curve, eh!  thanks...

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    Looks like your basic gremlins!


    I have no idea if this is relevant, but I found it when researching: