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About a month ago, I bought an iPod shuffle 4th generation 2Gb. I've tried synching automatically, and the tracks play in reverse order. I've tried synching manually, autofilling from a playlist, and the tracks play in a different order than in my playlist. I can't figure out why the tracks are in that order.


Web searches show that I'm far from the only one with this problem. I've tried all different combinations of sorting and not sorting, but nothing works. The only thing I haven't tried is dragging the tracks one by one to the iPod. Frankly, if that's all that works, it's being returned.


If this only happens with some iPods, I will replace this one with another.


I'm still using iTunes because I really dislike the iTunes 11 layout. I listen mostly to classical music, and I had the old layout the way I wanted it.


If anyone has a solution to this problem, please post it here. Thanks in advance.

iPod shuffle, Windows XP, iTunes