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My iMac (running OS X 10.7.5) crashed and needed to be hard rebooted. Once back up, everything was fine except for Mail (version 5.3). When I start Mail I'm taken to the welcome screen used to setup the first email account.


Using Time Machine I restored the following:




~/Library/Application Support/Mail/*


Despite restoring these files/folders, Mail doesn't seem to recongnize my original setup.


Does anyone know what I'm missing? How do I get Mail to return to the previous state I had in place?



Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    It turns out that I need to pay more attention. After I first rebooted after the crash and then ran Mail, Mail popped up a dialog asking ot setup a new account. I then restored all of the files I stated earlier from TM. When I ran Mail again, mail popped up a dialog. My lack of attention didn't let me see that this dialog was not the same as before. I wasn't being asked to setup a new account, I was asked about importing existing messages. So this time I chose to continue. After the import process completed, I was back in business.


    So the morale of this story is to may better attention.