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i have cannon mf4550d and scanner doesn t work with 10.8.2 what can i do?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • sberman Level 7 (32,307 points)

    I suppose you've noticed your printer is not listed in the list of supported printers in the HT3669 article above.


    Therefore, this section of the above article applies, and suggests your next step:


    Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 3.50.27 PM.png

  • PAHU Level 6 (16,105 points)

    Have you installed ScanGear v1.60 on the Mac? This contains the scanner driver and MF Toolbox that allows you to scan.

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    yes i have. but MF toolbox doesnt wor correctly

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    I have spent several hours with Cannon technical support. they all say that their§s driver supporting 10.8.2..... but it doesnt work...

  • PAHU Level 6 (16,105 points)

    To use MF Toolbox you first need to set the scanner online. So on the MF control panel, press the Scan button until is shows Remote Scanner. Then press the OK button. This should show Waiting (Online) on the display.


    Now, on the Mac, open MF Toolbox and select one of the scanning options, such as Save. You will something like the following.


    Save Menu.png

    You can see from this window that you have the option where to scan from, ADF or platen (the MF glass). You can also change the Color Mode and the Resolution. With the desired settings selected, you can press the green Start button. This will scan the document to the location set in the Save tab, shown in the image above next to the Scan tab.


    Note that this is just one way you can scan. You can use the MF Toolbox to make profiles so that you can simply place the document on the MF and select to scan from the machine without having to go back to the Mac to perform the scan.


    But before I explain the other methods I just want to be sure that you can scan using the method above.