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How do I change the font size in the presenter notes section?

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    show presenter notes pane;   view > show presenter notes


    show the font inspector;    format > font > show fonts


    click in the text pane at the bottom of the window and type in the text you want.


    command A to select all the text or click and drag over  a portion of text

    change the attributes in the font inspector to change font and size.

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    You lost me from "click in the text pane..." on. I can't figure out how that will help me get my presenter notes all in one matching font and size. Presently, it seems like every slide has different size comments in them, some I can change and some I can't.  Any help out there on this frustrating issue?

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    I can't figure out how that will help me get my presenter notes all in one matching font and size.



    To change existing text in presenter notes, select the text then change it to what ever formatting you need.


    Presenter notes is used in exactly the same way as when entering and changing text in any Mac application.

    The font, size, colour and position can be changed from the default font, text can be cut copied and pasted.


    Type in the presenter notes pane and make changes as required:


    Picture 1.png



    Select the font and use the Font window to change any attribute of the font:

    Picture 2.png

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    You can change the font size in presenter notes with the fonts window. To open the fonts window go to

    Format > Fonts > Show Fonts

    Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 10.57.27 AM.png

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    Thank you for your replies!


    Those suggestions work sometimes, but not always. Specifically, on several slides (usually ones with presenter notes that I copied and pasted from other documents, including notes that I filtered through TextEdit first to try to alleviate this issue), the fonts are uneditable (i.e. when I select the text and try to edit it, the font name and size selections are grayed-out).


    Second, even when it appears I've changed the fonts, the next time I open the saved presentation the fonts will have all automatically reverted back to some earlier version.


    And third, even if it looks like I've successfully changed the font size, when I try to print out my presenter notes to speak from they all revert back to some earilier font size regarless of what size I need them to be to actually see them without my readers.


    So, I guess my questions are:


    1).  Why are some fonts unchangeable and how can that be overcome?

    2).  How can changes be made durable and remain consistant when I reopen presentations and/or try to print my presentation notes?

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    I tried all the things you said were giving you issues.

    I had no problems with fonts installed on my computer.

    Although I did see some issues when I coppied and pasted a font that wasn't installed on my computer.


    It sounds like you are having a system font issue.

    If you copy something from a website or a document that has rendered a font to show some text to you and you copy and paste that into your Keynote it can continue to show that rendered version.

    But if the font isn't installed on your computer and you save and reopen or try to print then it you can run into the problem you are having.


    It's hard to say for sure this is the answer.

    You could install the font you are trying to use or choose one that is installed on your system.

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    Yakatack: I've had precisely the same issues and found no resolution. I was trying to build up a template slide and the presentation notes font become uneditable. I think I had cut and pasted some text there as a tryout, afterwhich it became uneditable in the Font Editor. Eventually I just had to scrap everything and start over again. Seems to be a bug.

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    Not all fonts work in Mac OS X; either they are not compatible or they are poorly designed. Fonts must be installed properly using Font Book in the applications folder, if they are to work correctly.

    The Font file can be checked prior to installing and the font itself after installing by using:

    Font Book  File > Validate

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    This is not a font type issue, but font size.

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    All attributes of a font are controlled by the installed font file.


    Have you validated the fonts or tried different fonts?

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    I only use the Apple fonts that are pre-installed on the system. This shouln't be an issue. In any case this is a problem that with suddenly appears, for example after duplicating a slide. In that instance when I go back the the original slide the font has reduced in size and become uneditable. I have replicated this several times. So it appears process originated.  Now I have divised another workflow and given up using the presenter notes in printouts, as yakatack did. There's only so much time one has to monkey with this issue.