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I got a new iPad for Xmas to replace an old laptop not realising I would still have to have a laptop or PC for my main iTunes library. I have got round ths by creating my own area on my partner's laptop & have installed my iTunes library on there. However, it has only installed my purchased music & not my wider collection such as all my CD's that I burned then got rid of to go digital. I have my complete library on my iPad & iPhone but need it on my laptop too in case I lose or break a device & need to install my iTunes library to a new device.


I have followed the support detailing how to move your iTunes to a new computer but am not getting very far. I don't have an iPod to use as an external hard drive. I read that you can drag your iTunes library to a CD or DVD but my library is 16GB & I don't have any disc big enough!


Does anyone have an idea of a simple way I can do this? Is it not possible to do it directly from my iPad or iPhone seeing as my complete library is on both of these devices?

iPad, iOS 6.1