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I currently use a Mac Mini as media server in my home. To this mac mini, I have an external storage solution connected through the FW800 port (it's actually a Drobo S).


So, to this external drive I backup 3 of my portable macs.


Today I was about to retire my old mac Mini and install a new one. I set the network up, connected the external drive and.. my laptops can actually connect to the drive but they refuse to use the old time machine backup sets. They always try to create a new one. For example, my original backup of "Laptop1" is "Laptop1.sparsebundle" but then with the new mac mini as a server it ignores this sparse bundle and creates a new one "Laptop1 1.sparsebundle".


If I connect the drive to my old mac mini, then everything works.

Whats going on? Are you telling me everytime I retire my media server I lose all my backups and have to start over from scratch?


the external drive is the same!!!