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Scot Walker Level 3 (510 points)

I have a PDF I have imported and it comes in with a 1 second duration, even though the preferences are set at 2 seconds for stills. I can't change the duration. When I put it on the timeline, it's 1 second and I can't drag it out at all, just a red line comes up when I try.


Any thoughts?



  • fox_m Level 5 (5,030 points)

    PDF is an undocumented feature. My tests reveal that each page of a PDF is imported as 1 second of video. A 5 page PDF will occupy 5 seconds in the storyline, each page occupying 1 second.


    It's an interesting "feature". It has its benefits. But it is oddly handled.  You actually have to Retime the clip (command R) to time stretch it, either shorter or longer.


    As an end note: the vector graphics do not have infinite resolution in fcpx; they're only as good up to the preview size of the PDF. This can be "managed" somewhat by opening the original PDF in Preview, going to Print; setting the options for the printer [Printer Features] to be a high dot resolution [I have one that's 2880 x 2880 which is a square pixel aspect]; then Save as PDF (don't physically print.) I recommend changing the print size to a larger format than Letter. [All of this might be predicated on your installed printer drivers... I don't think I have any PostScript drivers installed.]

  • Scot Walker Level 3 (510 points)

    Thanks! I took it into photoshop and rasterized it at a large size.


    Thank you

  • AppleMan1958 Level 7 (27,415 points)

    I would suggest that you open the PDF in the Preview app. There you can convert it to JPEG, PNG, or TIFF. All of these should work better in FCPX.

  • BenB Level 6 (9,065 points)

    AppleMan's solution is the most bullet proof.  And don't make them too large, only enough to fit the frame size of your video.