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I have set up 2 users on my iMac (both admin accounts) and want both to have full access to the aperture library. I can't find how to do this and I'm sure it must be a simple thing to do. Anyone know how to do this?



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    To share an Aperture library between users it needs to be on a drive ar disk partition with "ignore ownership"flag enabled. Otherwise you will rn into permission problems, when both accounts are used to wrte to the Aperture library. The simples solution would be to put the library on a separate drive; this way you will also have plenty of disk space for the library to grow.

    See this support article for more options: iPhoto: Sharing libraries among multiple users




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    I managed to solve this problem. If you move the the library to the shared folder then rebuild the index then there is no problem. I have not tried accessing the library from another computer on the network but it works for different users on the same computer.