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    Makes senses though. The GPU is located next to the CPU and since they both share the same heatpipes (at least as far as i recall from opening mine up) it probably gets a fair amount of heat from the CPU alone...

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    Thanks for letting us all know that Apple contacted you to provide information on this matter.  Do you have any idea how many authorized repair technicians there are?

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    degger wrote:


    I know. But the point is: There're people who kept the temperature in check (like me) and never excessively used the dGPU at all and other who have changed the thermal paste (and had generally lower temperatures with the same usage), yet the device failed. From what I've learned it's not the temperature (at least not as lone factor) that makes the device jump off the edge but seemingly some processing fault that shows up sooner or later anyhow on affected devices.


    Absolutely agree.  From what we've seen, I don't think there is any way that temperature alone is the cause here.  At most, it could be a contributing factor when combined with other borderline variables.  Perhaps in some cases more than others as time goes on. 


    In general, though, temperature does matter to the long-term health of BGA solder joints and I do think it's worth asking about the heatsink fit when taking it for repair.  I think possible problems in this area have been under-reported and could explain some of the outliers that we've seen in reported temperatures.

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    Interesting.  I get that the solution here will be more complicated than replacing the MXM card in an iMac, so that could explain why it is taking longer.


    I hope it's true.  I really like Macs and I want to continue to feel confident about buying them.

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    I gone to genius bar today.

    They only replace the motherboard.


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    I miserably announce that, I have met the same fate as all those who have complained with the Apple Senior Advisors They repeated the same phrase like parrots that "There has been no known case such as this with the Apple hence there is no replacement program and getting it repaired at the Authorised Apple Service Centre. And they also said that Apple doesnt go by these forums and that the information on these forums may be misleading" 


    [Btw, I hate the part to talk to Indian Customer Representatives. these people try to mimick the American Staff. Following the fillers like "we went ahead and did this", "We will go ahead and do this", "We have gone  ahead and done this"





    Cant Enjoy Our 

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    Same issue here. 15 inch MBP 2011. Blue lines all across the apple logo at boot. and then its just hanging with fans spinning up.


    After reading through this thread for a while, I thought I give that reflowing on the Radeon chip a go.

    28 tiny screws later I had that logic board in my hands. Removed the heatpipe and saw the mess other people described. Way, I mean, waaay too much thermal paste. So much that there was no meaning full contact with the GPU possible.


    Cleaned off all the gunk, on GPU, CPU and heatpipe and then proceeded to reflow the GPU.

    The internet talks about doing this in an oven at 200C. I would recommend that as there are too many plastic components on the board.


    I used my trusty old SMD rework station and slowly heated the GPU and the PCB around it to 160 degrees.

    Then raised the temp to 220C for about 2 minutes.


    Reassembled the whole thing backwards and: Voila! booting up just fine!


    Apple, I kind of dislike you now a little. Clearly that is a manufacturing fault! Man up about it!

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    Ive been an apple customer for over 15 years. With they're failure to acknowledge this problem this relationship will be coming to an end.

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    I think I may be missing the opportunity to start the first Apple Authorized Reballing Center, lol.


    When I took my notebook to an iShop (Techpeople) in Bogota, the desk tech actually acknowledged that he had seen several 2011 MBP with this problem.  In no way did he indicate that Apple had a program in place.  They have now had it 10 days; that is not surprising because any logic board must ship from the US.


    By definition, they (Apple) are studying this.  By definition, they won't show their hand until they are ready.  There is liability and money at stake. 


    If I am not mistaken, this is a subcrontractor caused problem?  I will go out on a limb and assume this subcontractor (like Foxconn, but not necessarily them) had a design, parts, construction, and inspection spec that they failed to meet.  I cannot imagine that US Apple inspected each board before... before what?  After the paste was applied?  Before the heatsinks installed, before inserted in the case?  Someone who actually knows something please correct me where I am wrong...


    I assume the subcontractor has a digital photo of each board at each stage.  I cannot imagine why they wouldn't.


    Apple needs to steer the ship and 'correct' this, but it goes back to the subcontractor screwing-up, too.   Apple needs to define the problem and negotiate with the subcontrator as part of the solution, I assume.


    For those complaining about Apple; I am frustrated as well, but in my experience the odds of Apple resolving this are multiples of scale greater than Acer or HP doing so.  My Applecare runs out soon enough, so I am worried as well.


    The first iMac 2011 GPU card problems I saw were showing up in Sept 2011.  The 'program' to repair them was announced Aug 2013.


    Does anyone have any notion of how many 2011 Macbook Pros shipped?   I am very curious.

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    so after about 6 weeks of "mostly" reliable 2011 MBP working just fine, these past few days I get a black screen once or more per day. And now plugging into my 27" monitor is problematic -- it has done the splitscreen/jumpy screen thing twice on me in the past week. So to recap:


    • for about two months starting in August, my early 2011 MBP would screw up several times per day (i.e. bluescreen/blackscreen/grayscreen/splitscreen/etc)
    • I had Apple replace the logic board
    • But with a few days all the bad behavior returned
    • I did a clean, virgin install of Mavericks and tested the new setup -- it worked fine
    • so I did a migration of users/data, upgraded all software, removed unused KEXTs, removed all browser plugins and it worked fine for about 6 weeks
    • Now it is starting its bad behavior all over again -- mostly black screens "out of the blue"



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    So, after my 3rd GPU failure (on my 4th logic board), my MBP is now randomly shutting down. Apple has offered to replace my current MBP with a new 15 inch Retina. My concern is the one they have offered is the mid level with no discreet GPU.


    When I got my 17 inch It was fully optioned and cost me $3500, as I do a lot of Photoshop work, some 3D stuff. I'll miss the 17inch screen, but Im not sure I can live without the Discreet graphics. Anyone have any thoughts on whether the integrated iris graphics will be able to handle, the 3d stuff?

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    My advise would be *bargain* with them. at most take it and pay the diff and again *bargain* for a 50% discount. Also you will not miss your 17". I got my retina  with 500GB and discreet graphics, discounted for 10% but I paid the whole amount.


    Connect a extra display and it will do wonders.


    I bought a retina a month back and its amazing. hoping to get a money back on my 2011 mac.

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    I would jump at the Iris Pro 5200 on that MBP.  Look at the specs, it's is quite a performer and will blow your 2011 away.

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    Going along with the previous post, you should rush to the apple store now and get that MacBook Pro retina before they change their minds. I just got a 15" retina and it's soooo much faster than my Early 2011 MacBook Pro 15. But integrated graphics have really pushed the envelope on the new Haswell processors and in some tasks, it's even faster than than the dedicated graphics chip on the mid 2012 MacBook Pro retina. Long story short, you will not be disappointed with the new machine and see as your machine has depreciated since you bought it, I believe what apple is giving you is fair. Especially since most of us had to go and buy a replacement machine and were not given a new one free of charge

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    I do not think so. Don't know what specs he has, but in 2011 I bought a hi-res antiglare screen, with a 256 SSD and 8 GB ram (3000+ dollars) and now I have a retina (late 2013 with 2GB GPU), because I was in a hurry and i needed a laptop. I would not have bought it if I really knew what it was. I do not see any particular improvement in my everyday 2d graphics and dev work (sometimes with 2nd display) and I simply hate the glossy screen, whose native resolution is even lower than the 2011 hi-res... + you do not have infra-red for remote and the ethernet port.


    If you have a 2011 upgraded MBP, a retina is really not necessary. Those were extraordany laptops and would have work perfectly for some years. The problem is that they do not work anymore.