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  • rhosawa Level 1 (0 points)

    From Japan.


    After blue-screen had happened in my MBP ealry 2011 15inch, I went to Apple Store in Osaka with information from this discussion board. Genious enployee said around 2000reply is too less for appple to work on this problem. I asked to replace my logic boad, but his comment is "your MBP would have problem in softeware, not in GPU". I felt that there are no way in Geneious Bar with Genious bar, then, decided to send it to apple care. It costs arround $400 in 5 working days.


    according to genious empolyee, we might need more reples/reports.

  • Victor Ga Level 1 (0 points)

    So Apple is changing my logic board for the second time in less than a week... The guy at the desk told me that Apple was not aware of any issues with 2011 MBP.


    He told me they will stress test the gpu before giving it back to me so wait and see...

  • miro_r Level 1 (0 points)

    "Apple was not aware of any issues with 2011 MBP." ????


    Is the customer support in China too !!!! Oh my god !!!

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    This is very bad, my Macbook Pro has only 2 years and presents these probem. Apple should be responsible and add it as part of their mistakes.


    I went to the service and diagnosis are only $ 60 in 5 days. Then the problem and will be responsible parts 15 more days abroad, which continue to be added to the total cost and value my time.


    The laptop is part of my daily work. It is disrespectful to apple users, this is not assumed by the company.


    I think someone in the company should be responsible for all this and finally continue conversing with Us.


    Is there another place where we can establish a claim together?


    Best Regards,


    Sergio Orozco


  • andrewroazen Level 1 (10 points)

    carl wolf wrote:


    "We've had hardware techs in this thread express concerns that phosphorus additives to the lead-free solder that prevent oxidation made it brittle."

    Lead-free solder is not brittle due to "phosphorus additives".  Lead-free solder is more brittle to the fundamental nature of the lead-free solder.  It is simply less ductile than leaded solder.


    "BGA mounts were invented and patented without any consideration for other solder materials and the patent holder died 2 years ago."

    Lead-free solder was first implemented 10 years ago, and has been the only solder used since 2006, in any consumer electronics - not just the Apple MBP.  There's more than one patent applicable to BGA technology, and the death of one individual does not hamper the onward progression of technology.



    2009: ability_for_Selected_Solder_Alloy_and_Surface_Finish_Configurations.pdf

    2011: 37.pdf



    • As I guessed earlier, AMD had specs for mobo vendors mounting their mobile Radeon chips which were directly related to ensuring solder joint stability. We have no way of knowing whether Foxconn followed AMD's databook correctly or not, and possibly Apple has no way of knowing either.
    • The industry (connector technologies) knew as early as 2006 that SAC305/405 silver-tin-copper alloys were more fragile and required more delicacy in installation than tin-lead alloys (as AMD databooks dating back to at least 2006 make clear).
    • Papers submitted to the industry as early as 2011 showed that BGA ball manufacture had the potential for visually undetectable defects like voids, and that the more brittle the composition the more this would lead to joint failure.


    Who's to blame here? The Chinese manufacturers of the SAC305/405 solder balls who didn't find ways to factory detect defective balls (x-ray, weighting, other)? The Foxconn plant that might have cut corners on the assembly process? AMD for continuing to specify SAC305/405 instead of silver-tin? Some other decision made by someone else?


    The answer is "it doesn't matter." When you sell something defective, you make it right – and then go after the people responsible, privately.


    I can't help noticing that the current available lineup of MBPs has only one configuration with a discrete GPU any more and the rest are exclusively integrated Intel graphics. Granted, if I were Apple I'd probably require the Retina displays have a common hardware platform behind them too, but the writing seems to be on the wall that discrete graphics aren't going to be with Apple much longer. If this change weren't coming off the heels of this debacle, I'd be less likely to assume Apple was burying their mistakes.

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    I am curious, out of the people who have had issues with their logic board, who has updated to Maverick?  All my issues seem to have started when I updated.

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    Mine started after my update to Maverick as well. The entire OS is slightly slower than before.

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    Mine started a week after Mavericks

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    Dude it's not the software..please the thread.

  • odarellmc Level 1 (0 points)

    Read the thread...

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    My problems also started after updating to Mavericks. But that doesn't necessarily mean a bug in Mavericks. Perhaps Mavericks requires more work from the GPU, and thereby keeps it running at higher temperatures. To be able to boot my MBP I have hidden the ATI/AMD drivers, screen updates are terrible slow in some programs, especially Safari, Mail and Calendar.


    Eg. whenever I click on a mail to see the content in the right side pane, I see the pane first being cleared in slow-motion by some eye candy fancy pattern. Even when the discrete GPU is at work, it will heat it up. I do not know if this is a feature exclusive to Mavericks though, but for sure there is room for optimizations on battery running time.

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    Did u ask how many US necessary before Apple considers this an issue?

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    I guess u r right. Mine too after a week of using mavericks. Also noticed that it used to get heated a lot more than before after using mavericks.

  • rajdsouza Level 1 (0 points)

    I guess one among us should organise a day when we all togather go to the apple store. like a mbp2011 day and show apple that we are togather. and we are many. Its easy for apple to say that its few users.


    As the people who come to this forum would be just 10% of affected users


    Any idea's on who can arrage or take up this movement ?

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    Same here. It all started soon after I upgraded to Mavericks.