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    Did anybody try to use an older OS, maybe we can solve the issue for a while? For now GfxStatus is working fine, but sometimes after I shutdown and start again it's dead and I have to try it for a while, and try again...


    It's like Christmas morning when it works and that's **** after paying so much. Oh and I bought it in Denmark for 3000$ ^^

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    NO, I do NOT have Mavericks and it still happened to me. Please, stop talking about operating systems because it's hardware issue. Mavericks may be more graphic intense which triggered it faster but it would have happened to you either way eventually.


    Does anyone know of company in San Diego that does reballing or whatever it's going to take to at least temporarily get up and running?


    I like the idea of getting a big group to show up together at an Apple store. If there happens to be enough people in San Diego, count me in.

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    My one was snow leopard when the issue came

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    For all of you saying, read the thread, I have read most of it thank you!  It was a simple idea, I am no computer nerd just a regular joe blogs...just a simple question!

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    We'll I've never updated to Mavericks and my issues began about a month ago.  I had my logic board replaced and the issue persisted from the first day I got It back from the apple store.  I swapped back to original RAM even though the RAM tests done by Apple passed, the issue presented again.  I then was recommended a fresh install (of Mountain Lion) by the genius at the Apple store which took me nine hours and still has not resolved the issue.  I really felt the fresh install would not fix the problem and said so to the genius at the time, but they insisted that it was necessary and that there was a note in the system about some graphics issue with one of my programs but could not name the program.  I just am so angry about this now, apart from being given the run around in terms of them not believing that it is a hardware issue, I use this machine for work and it's wasting my time having to go back and forth to the store and then spend hours fiddling with RAM, fresh installs and ultimately many many hard resets.


    This fault has nothing to do with the OS, it is a hardware problem.


    I'll be returning to the apple store sometime this or next week and will again show them the pages and pages of disappointed customers they now have on this forum.  I will also show them the stand alone site dedicated to this issue that I will not link to as I know it will be edited by the moderators as have any other posts pointing to it or the Facebook page.  So Google it folks.


    It would be more useful if the moderators of this site would actually help us with the faulty computers we all own.


    Apple needs to acknowledge this fault and take responsibility for a piece of sub par equipment that was originally sold as a state of the art machine.  We all spent our hard earned cash expecting a quality machine and have been sold a lemon. 


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    I haven't updated the MBP to Mavericks. Whether or not it puts a strain on the hardware, people have noticed this regardless of OS.


    To anyone else about to post: Mavericks is not to blame for a documented hardware failure nearly identical to the one on the iMacs made at the same time using the same brand of discrete graphics. Discussing software as a culprit is the quickest way to get disregarded in this thread.

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    try to keep the computer always on, no reboot ever..


    Else, the lastest times I had to reboot I let it 'freeze' and waited for the computer to get really hot. Then reboot and it starts fine and works just long enought to activate 'integrated only' with Gfxcardstatus. So far this worked twice in a row. Prior to that I could be trying for as much as 2 hours before it finally works, and the freeze bugs are different as the computer gets hotter.


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    Mine started after 10.8.5. Others have had it with .6 and .7. It's definitely not software however.

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    After reading through 146 Pages of this discussion I strongly suggest that you also file a bug report. You can do so here:


    File a bug report

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    Just adding my name to the list... Early 2011 MBP had a moment a few weeks ago when it looked as though it was displaying data from an address earlier in memory, meaning the actual frame buffer displayed about 6 lines down the screen and about 2/3 of the way across, resulting a weird 'wrapped' view of the desktop.


    Removed the external monitor and connected again and that went away, though a week later the machine randomly power cycled while I was using it and hasn't booted since. Verbose mode etc. show nothing, safe mode doesn't work, all I can access is SUM and there's nothing in the logs that looks ominous. I managed to get a different display once which was just blue and black lines running vertically down the screen. All in all, this *****.

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    I'm not going to advise againts it, the more people share their experience the better, but many of us already filed a bug report and they are filed by Aplle as duplicate of a closed bug which no one has access to because it's private.

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    Ah I wondered why I couldn't follow a link to it... filed a bug myself anyway. I was hoping to give that machine a new lease of life with an SSD, now I'm not sure I'd ever bother paying the premium for Apple hardware again (however much I like it). I've never had a machine die like this and from an expensive 3 year old machine I definitely do not expect it.

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    My problems started WAY before Mavericks.

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    I have not had any GPU-related problems on my Macbook Pro but I advise to those who have not had any problems to avoid using the dedicated graphics as much as possible. My plan is to strictly use the intel 3000 to avoid any potential GPU problems which would, as many reported here, would completely disable their Macbook. This will keep my Mac operational until Apple announces a solution to this problem.

    The key is to use gfxcardstatus 2.1. Use that specific version because the "restore last used mode at start-up" has been removed from the following updates. This will keep your Macbook on the intel 3000 after reboots and prevent any automatic switching. I'm not sure 2.1 will work on Mavericks since I have not yet updated. If it does not, then I recommend avoid updating to Mavericks.

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