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    13 inch, late 2011... now I gotta worry about this might just happen to me >_> Please dont...

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    MacBook Pro in year described.


    Screen intermittently goes blank. Only video, not audio. It comes back on after a while. Living with it.

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    Same thing here, late 2011 mbp MD318. At first — freeze in photoshop, then green/gray lines, than MLB replace.


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    Early 2011 15" MBP here (Canada). Bought it 2 weeks after it was released. Started getting the lines and crashing in early Dec 2013. Now it's becoming quite unusable, which really ***** because I need it for school. I really hope Apple gets their **** together and does something, or some sort of class action is started. It is ridiculous that this many people (I'm sure there's plenty more out there) are having the same issue. We all know technology these days come with planned obsolescence, but Apple is basically slapping us in the face with it.

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    I've not experienced this problem yet on my early 2011 MBP, but I'm very concerned it will.


    Concerning the logic board; does anyone know if the heat sink is considered part of the logic baord? If it is then the problem might not be solder reflow but the thermal paste between the heat sink and the cpu/gpu.


    Thermal paste is responsible for conducting heat between the cpu/gpu and the heatsink. If the thermal paste was sparsley applied or becomes dried out due to continuous over heating then it will fail at conducting the heat between the cpu/gpu and the heat sink, causing hardware failure.


    If the heat sink is part of the logic board and not a part that is transferred from the old logic board then the thermal paste could also be the culprit, as it would not typically be removed and re-applied if the logic board passed all hardware and software testing.


    I've been a pc tech for many years in the WinTel arena and have built my share of custom PC's and modifying Sony PS3's so it's very important to understand how thermal paste works.


    As I've read through this thread I've not seen anyone mention this possibility. Has anyone had the thermal paste removed and re-applied

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    Did anyone had this issue with the early 2011 low-end MacBook Pro 15" i7 2GHz and AMD Radeon HD 6490M?

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    We forgive you for not having read through 160+ pages on this topic, but 'thermal paste' has indeed been discussed several times already here. The preponderance of experiences (and guesses) shared here point to loosening of the connection between the AMD chip and the motherboard, speculated to be related to the non-lead solder used. That said, a potential 'thermal paste' issue has been mentioned several times, including an initial teardown when the machine was first introduced which alluded to an alarming "gobs of thermal paste" upon first look at the machine.

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    Went to the site a few pages back, figured I'd paste my details "for the record" as it were


    Build Year:- This unit was built in the second half of 2011.
    Build Week- Week 13 (March) or week 40 (September)
    Production Nr.:- This unit was number 105 to be built that week.


    Had to replace my logic board a few months back

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    Piet Bossuyt:


    Yes...MANY, including myself.

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    Ok, maybe I should not have replied since now I'm getting spammed by emails due to the replies from others, Anyways to stop this?!!

    I tried to change my email notification preferences, checked everything to no, yet I'm still getting emails....

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    Login to the site and view this discussion thread. On the top right of the page, underneath the search bar, there is a box with two options. The first option is to bookmark the thread. The second option is to switch on/off email notifications.

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    My early 2011 Macbook Pro is showing signs of this issue as well and I refuse to pay $600 for a three year old computer repair. This is obviously happening to many many people and I can see why Apple refuses to acknowledge this comes down to $$$...which Apple has billions in funds available.


    Funny how Apple deleted my original reply because I suggested that Apple will not take any action unless lawyers are brought to the table.

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    Yes... the AMD 6490 is mentioned in all of the news articles.  I have a 15" with the AMD 6490.  Back in November I took it into the Apple Store because it completely stopped booting and I only got the grey screen of death or some weird blue graphic distortion.  I didn't have AppleCare.  I brought in a stack of links to forums and new articles.  They agreed to split the cost of a logic board replacement (cost me $150).  Two months later same exact problem with the new logic board.


    I may just have to get a new computer.  I need a Mac for work.

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    Had this happen last October to my early 2011 15" MBP with AMD 6490M. I had to argue with the Apple Store manager that this is a manufacturing defect happening to many people (as can be seen online), but he just wouldn't have it, since Apple doesn't acknowledge the issue. Then I argued that I didn't pay an obscene amount of money for a machine that breaks within 2 years, and he claimed that "you don't buy apple for the reliability -- you buy it for the features." Which effectively convinced me never to buy Apple computers again. If I get more reliability from a $500 laptop, what am I paying all this money for? Anyway, I ended up paying $350 to get the darn thing fixed, but I try to use the GPU as little as possible, because I know that within 2 years it'll probably die again. Ridiculous.