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why am not able to support power pc applications in mac     

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    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities


    OS X Lion and Mountain Lion aren't compatible with PowerPC applications. That's because Rosetta isn't available for these versions.


    In your case, the only solution is to install Snow Leopard on a virtual machine, using Parallels, VMware Fusion or VirtualBox

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    Is your Final Cut a Universal application, but the installer is PPC? Check in your About this Mac > More info > System information > scroll down to Applications.


    I have Final Cut Express and it is Universal; however, its' installer is PPC.


    Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 9.55.48 PM.png


    If this is the case with yours, and you still have the old Mac with it installed, there may be a way to get it installed on your new one without using the installer, but it is quite involved: you would have to move each and every file and component from your old Mac to the same location on your new Mac.


    I did this with my FCE and it is working well.

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    Babowa: Here is a recent post I made on this subject (responding to the oft mentioned claim on this forum that "installing Rosetta into Lion" would allow FCPS to be installed). 


    I would love it, if the OP (or you, perhaps, if you do not mind goting through the process again) could confirm the "Terminal Instruction"installation method:


    It never made sense to me that (a) one could install Rosetta into Lion and get any results at all, let alone get an installer written in PPC code to run; or (b) if installing Rosetta into Lion worked for an installer written in PPC code, then why wouldn't an application written in PPC code work also?


    And the answer is...


    Anytime an operating system is updated, there is a chance that some of your software will no longer function 100% correctly, until the publisher releases an update of that software for the newly updated operating system.  And that is what is going on here...


    The Final Cut Pro installer is NOT written in PowerPC code!  There is some minor instruction in the installer that makes a call to the operating system in Lion, that Lion is incorrectly interpreting as being PPC code and hence giving the Dialog Box that says that it cannot run a PowerPC program.


    This minor instruction is attempting to execute the following instruction in Terminal:

    $ sudo installer -package /Volumes/Final\ Cut\ Studio/Installer/FinalCutStudio.mpkg -target /

    If you execute this instruction in Terminal sans Rosetta, the program will install perfectly!


    Somehow, the "installation of Rosetta" into Lion, and perhaps Mountain Lion interferes just enough between the program and the operating system, to allow the program to make this call to Terminal and install the program.  Since this instruction will work in Terminal without Rosetta installed, it obviously has nothing to do with PowerPC code or Rosetta.


    So the best advice would appear to be to use this instruction in Terminal and wait while the installation program completes all of its tasks with the concluding statement:


    installer: The install was successful.

    This method avoids any pitfalls that may occur by installing Rosetta, which has no place in Lion or Mountain Lion and may be the cause of future problems!


    Since I do not have Final Cut Pro, I cannot confirm this, but maybe I can borrow a copy somewhere soon...

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    Thanks for the info; I'm glad my FCE is Universal (which is what developers used during the transition from PPC to Intel), so it will run without needing Rosetta (and I'm also glad that it still works in ML without a hitch - wouldn't want to have to pay another $400 for the few features I use it for!!).

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    Any chance that you could attempt the installation process again in Mountain Lion to confirm if this Terminal Instruction installation method works?

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    Haha, I conveniently overlooked that part in your previous post - obviously to no avail, LOL.....


    A bit difficult on my end because it would take about a day to do it and I've got too many projects I'm supposed to finish: I would have to uninstall FCE (a laborious process because I have to find every file and tidbit and manually delete it - about an hour).  Before that, I'd need to do a current bootable clone (one hour). Than I'd run your terminal commands and then attempt to install (a regular install of FCE takes about 2 hours) - so it'd be either that or I bork my system, have to erase and do IR which would take 3 - 4 hours with my connection. Sorry, but at the moment, I don't have a day to play with that.

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    Yes, that is way too much to ask of you.


    If someone would loan me a copy, I could confirm it in Lion, but I do not currently use Mountain Lion (although I suppose I could install Mt. Lion on an external hard drive, boot my 2011 Mac Mini from that drive and try the installation on that, too).


    I have no use for Final Cut, so I would uninstall it after confirmation that it properly installed (hence a "fair use" exception to allow for a scholarly review of the installation process).

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    You realize that an install of FCP is about twice as long as FCE (which was the "beginner" or "version for dummies" of FCP)? I think it has 4 - 6 install DVDs - mine "only" has 3 if memory serves - they are locked away in a safe place along with all my other install media.

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    No, I am not aware of how long this installation process is...


    I have no experience with Final Cut; but I am willing to put in the time to add to my knowledgebase of using Rosetta in the post Snow Leopard world (even though my thesis is now that this installation program is not Rosetta, but gets lumped into that category).


    That being said, from what I read, it appears to be important to those professional editors who want to continue to use FCP (2, I believe was the version), because they feel that the Intel compatible versions "dumbed down" the program's editing capabilities.


    Hence, they face a Hobson's choice once they upgrade their hardware to Macs that must use Lion/Mt. Lion.


    It this method works, they will have the ability to ply their trade consistently with how they have in the past.

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    Looks like I have my first confirmation that the Terminal instruction WILL install FCS2 in Mountain Lion and hence it has NOTHING to do with Rosetta:



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    Thanks - good news for those who need it!

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    Just installed FCP6 on 10.8.3 on a late 12 imac.  Used terminal

    $ sudo installer -package /Volumes/Final\ Cut\ Studio/Installer/FinalCutStudio.mpkg -target /

    Then upgraded to FCP7. Might have been able to just use the Studio 3 upgrade disk directly but hey ho at least it's answered the question.


    Took about 45 minutes and then awhile to get all the addtional disks that came with the package.


    End result working FCP7.0.3

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    Yes: I always knew that it did not make sense that FCS2 would not install because of some supposed "PowerPC" problem, but not having the program I could not test it for myself.


    The source of the "Terminal" install fix is:


    http://www.jeremyjohnstone.com/blog/2012-03-11-installing-final-cut-pro-studio-2 -0-on-mac-os-x-10-7-lion.html