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New to iMac. We have Pages not Office. Daughter needs to make a birthday card. "Daddy, can you show me how to do it on the MAC?"  Sure honey, Its probably just like you did on the old computer. WRONG!  "Daddy, is that the only birthday card they have?  That's lame"   Yes sweety, it is.


Is ther a place where I can get some more templates?  preferrably some that are twice folded cards so they don't need an 8.5" envelope


Any help is appreciated.



PS I would be embarrased if I put out software  like this.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 3 family member users on same iMac
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    Although you posted this in the iWork for iOS forum, it appears that you actually have the desktop version, so I'll answer in that context.


    It looks to me like Pages includes two lame birthday card templates. In addition, Pages can usually open templates for Microsoft Word. A Google search brings up lots of templates availlable on the web; most of them are probably lame.


    All a template is, really, is a formatted document. If it is the right size, the lame content or lack of variety don't matter because you aren't supposed to keep that content; it's just a placeholder for something original of your own.