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I'm restoring a backup on a new device, but I want to restore from an older backup because the newest one comes from a different device. I select this backup, but 10 minutes later, icloud automatically updates to the newest backup. How do I stop this from happening? Also, after I've done this, how do I backup this information to iCloud? Everytime I connect to iTunes, my phone automatically updates as well.

iPhone 5
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    What data is being overwritten by iCloud?  Just contacts another specific data type or is it all your iCloud data?

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    all of it.

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    This is a variation of an approach that has worked for successfully for just contacts in order to deal with your situation where all data is being overwritten:


    1. Ensure the device is connected to your local network.
    2. Start the restore from iCloud back up.
    3. Allow the devices settings to restore (watch for the confirmation of completion).
    4. As the apps begin to restore pull the internet connection to your router (the WAN port) so it no longer has an internet connection.
    5. Wait for the time out confirmation.
    6. Navigate to settings > iCloud and turn off all your iCloud data syncing (contacts, etc.) syncing, when prompted be sure to choose Keep on My iDevice.
    7. Reconnect the router to the internet and let the restore process complete.
    8. At this point you could delete all the iCloud data in the existing accout from iCloud.com on a computer but it would be far easier to go to Settings>iCloud and set up a new (empty) iCloud account with a new ID.
    9. Navigate to Settings > iCloud and turn on your iCloud data syncing, choosing Merge when prompted.