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This is my second day using the iPad mini and I've encountered some odd behaviour while charging my iPad mini. I charge my iPad mini through extension sockets, which previously and currently my iPhone 4S charges with no issue. The problem is my iPad stops charging itself, of which the timing of when it stops charging I have no idea, randomly. The same socket I unplug and plug back again, it charges. Then when I'm not noticing, it sometimes stops charging. For that extension sockets, I tried it on on different sockets which none of it is of problem for my iPhone. Is it that my extension sockets are faulty? Or the iPad mini is designed to stop charging for a certain reason? Or the iPad mini itself is faulty?

iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular (MM), iOS 6.1
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    I'm guessing you mean via usb? The iPad wants more power than the average USB can put out, so while it will trickle charge off a USB, it won't speedily or efficiently charge that way.


    It's best charged with the supplied charger plugged into the wall

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    No it's directly from the adapter. Because the ipad cable is not long and my study table is quite far away from the electric/wall socket, I use a long extension with 4 sockets to charge my iPad and iPhone. This extension had no problem charging my other devices previously. Including my iPhone and laptop. Any idea what the problem is?

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    Ok, so your power brick is plugged into an extension cord? And it charges the iPhone but not the ipad?


    it may be as simple as a bad extension cord. I'd try a different outlet and give it a try. If you replicate the issue, then your extension cord is fine but it's possible your brick isn't.


    You are using a different charger for each device? The iPhone charger puts out less power than the iPad one. You can use an iPad charger to safely charge an iPhone but not the other way around (or, really, it's not unsafe, the phone charger just puts out less power than the ipad charger)

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    Yep. And yep.


    Nope I have different power bricks for individual devices. iPad's for iPad. iPhone's for iPhone. But they look the same though, the power brick that is. Thanks nevertheless! I'll try with sockets directly from the wall.

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    Oh wait. I should answer the second question in detail. It charges my iPad mini as well. But for some reason which I haven't noticed, it stops charging on a random basis. There isn't the lightning symbol there. I unplug and plug back to any sockets of the extension chord, whether it's different or same sockets, it charges back again when, before unplugging, it stopped charging. It does charge. Just that it stops for unknown reason. I hope it's bad extension chord :/

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    Take the extension cordout of the equation and see if you can replicate the random stoppage of charging. If you can, then there could be an issue with the brick, or there could be an issue internally with the iPad.

    If you replicate it, I'd make an appointment at your local apple store and have them check things out. Barring any obvious signs of abuse or neglect, if either part is found to be defective then it should be replaced.

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    Oh you're a staff or owner of one of the stores? Thanks! But I guess I'd need some time to test and see if I can replicate the problem. Anyhow, thanks so much! Appreciate your help!  

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    Not staff or owner by a long shot.


    I just know that anecdotally I have seen people reporting issues with their mini's charging. Is there a real issue or not? I don't know. Not a day goes by that a person doesn't post here complaining that their iPad won't charge and it turns out that they're trying to do it via USB or with the iPhone block.


    But while there are a lot of user fixes sometimes it's good to have the pros take a look at things,and at the very least document that there has been an issue.


    the four main reasons an iPad won't charge (beyond being plugged into a USB port)


    Bad cable

    bad outlet

    bad brick


    rule those out and it leaves issue with the iPad.

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    Hello. The problem has resurfaced again. I plugged my iPad mini onto the wall socket. It still has this problem of charging. I left it charge for the whole day but it stopped at 91%. Should I try charging using my iPhone's charging brick but with iPad's lightning cable? Or any other solutions ?

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    Is there a function that prevents iPad from charging if it's too hot? Although temperature never really was the problem here. It feels just find when I charge it and I haven't used the iPad mini while it was in charge

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