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Backed up to TC before doing anything even though it was backing up several times a day.


My MacBook Pro HD stopped working. From recovery mode disk utility found HD unrepairable. Called Apple and after trying many things they said erase the HD, reinstall ML and use TC to pull the data forward. I connected TC to MacBook Pro via ethernet. However, in the migration assistant the MacBook Pro TC backups are not recognized.


I use the TC to back up both my iMac and my MacBook Pro. But only my iMac backups are displayed.


How to I get TC to be recognized so I can do a complete restore of my data?



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    I was on the phone with Apple today. After resetting the TC and erasing the HD and reinstalling the OS again, the Apple folks had me do the migraton assistant again.  This time I was taliking with a TC support person. When it came time in the process to recognize and select the MacBook Pro data on the TC, he had me wait about 30 seconds. And sure enough after that time both the TC data for my iMac AND for my MacBook Pro were displayed and I could select the correct one.  My previous mistake was going with the first selection and not giving TC enough time to display both back ups.


    So after the 30 second wait and selecting the correct Back Up, everything went perfectly.


    Thanks for listening and I hope this helps someone out there!