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I've got a bunch of .mbox mailboxes copied from one Mac (that was using Apple Mail). I copied the files out of the Mailboxes folder, in the ~/Library/Mail folder. I stuck it in the same locaiton on a new Mac. When I opened, I saw the entire complicated folder structure, but every folder was empty. I tried rebuilding each folder, but that had no effect.


I then tried doing a more traditional import, but that doesn't work either. It starts importing but eventually Mail crashes before getting very far.


Here's the catch. It's are a ton of emails. Many many many subfolders, many many levels deep. Also the total amount of mail is very large. About 70 GB. So it's not so easy to run through these .mbox files, or even to simply duplicate them.


Is there some more straight forward way to do this the way I originally tried? Just moving the files into the mail storage folder, and having "see" the mail? That way, I wouldn't have to import or duplicate the massive bunch of mail.

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